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Marban Alliance
an evolving project

Three pillars of the evolution of the project :

Technical optimisations

Public contributions

Environmental assessments

What is the Marban Alliance Project

Carried out by O3 Mining, The Marban Alliance Project is a gold mining development project.

The project is located in the western portion of the province of Quebec, Canada, midway between the towns of Val-d’Or and Malartic and is comprised of 65 mining claims covering 2,189 hectares. Marban Alliance is currently in the development stage of techno-economic and environmental studies. Current studies project a mine life of 9.6 years, with average annual production of 161,000 ounces. Total estimated resources for Marban Alliance are 2.6 million ounces of gold.

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Community Investment Program

In keeping with our corporate values and mission, O3 Mining is committed to bringing long-term benefits to our host communities, thereby contributing to the prosperity of the regions where we operate.

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Listening to the community

As part of its commitment to respecting and collaborating with the community, O3 Mining wishes to maintain harmonious and constructive relations. The Responsible Exploration Program describes the company’s practices for avoiding and limiting potential impacts on the community and the environment.

To ensure that best practices and corrective solutions are implemented as quickly and transparently as possible, O3 Mining has set up a process for handling requests and reports.

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