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Planned works

As part of the Marban Alliance project’s development, a number of field projects are being carried out.

Exploration work is aimed at gaining a better understanding of the geological characteristics of the deposit and obtaining the information required for techno-economic studies.

Geotechnical and hydrological work is also required for the techno-economic studies, which assess the project’s technical and economic feasibility.

As part of the environmental assessments, we also need to collect data on fauna, flora, water, air and so on.

In order to better inform the neighborhood about our activities, a schedule and a map showing the location of the various works are available.

This information will be updated regularly.

Find below the calendar and maps of work planned for spring 2024.

Responsible Exploration Program

O3 Mining Responsible Exploration Program: the application of best practices in mining exploration.

Stemming from O3 Mining sustainable development policy and its ECOLOGO® certification, the company’s Responsible Exploration Program aims to showcase its practices in community relations, environmental protection and economic development. This program groups together the responsible practices applied during exploration work on all O3 Mining properties. The following eight principles guide this program and dictate our actions:

  1. Reduce our impact;
  2. Safeguard the health and safety of workers and local population;
  3. Integrate leading practices in governance;
  4. Apply ethical business practices;
  5. Respect our stakeholders;
  6. Continuously assess the risks of each project and act with due diligence;
  7. Engage host communities and other affected and interested parties;
  8. Create long-term value for our stakeholders.
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O3 Mining: Quebec’s first mining exploration company fully certified to UL 2723 ECOLOGO®.

First developed in Quebec and now expanding across Canada

  • Evaluation of the company’s best practices by an independent certification body (Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC)).
  • Validate O3 Mining compliance with environmental and social best practices.
  • Standardize practices between the company and its certified service providers.

100 indicators divided into 10 main principles:

  • Compliance with legal requirements;
  • Respect for the principles of sustainable development in the value chain;
  • Environmental quality;
  • Quality of life;
  • Local investment;
  • Work environment;
  • Business ethics;
  • Transparency and reporting;
  • Innovation;
  • Economic efficiency.

For more details on O3 Mining Certification

  1. Keeping Stakeholders informed on projects and projects progress
  2. Transparency and respect of opinions expressed
  3. Being attentive to concerns and questions of the host community

From commitment to action, examples of concrete measures :

  • Application of dust suppressant on public roads
  • Use of a drill equipped with a sound reduction system
  • Reforest and seed the territory explored
  • protect the ground and sensitive areas
  • Recovering cut wood
  • reduce resource consumption
  • implement selective collection to promote recycling
  • Use biodegradable oils for heavy machinery

Every new employee, contractor or person accessing O3 Mining’s properties must attend a one-hour induction training session. The session is divided into three parts: introduction to the company, health and safety, and sustainability. One of the topics covered in the induction training is the code of conduct that must be followed by anyone working at O3 Mining sites.

In addition to induction training, Minière O3 offers training to employees in environment and health/safety.


  • Environmental drilling procedures
  • Woodland caribou identification
  • Identification of different wetland and aquatic environments
  • Riparian buffer protection standards
  • Distances to be maintained during deforestation work.


  • First Aid in the Workplace
  • First Aid in Remote Areas
  • Due Diligence and Bill C-21
  • WHMIS 2015
  • Snowmobile Operation
  • Boat Operation
  • ATV Operation
  • Wheel Loader
  • Slinging
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods
  • Mechanical Saw Operation (manual felling)
  • Job Card Training (supervision)
  • Using the Portable Analyzer (pXRF)

Numerous inspections are carried out as work is done at the company’s sites. The following forms cover both environmental and health & safety aspects:

  • Field Validation – before any work;
  • Field Validation – after brush clearing;
  • Drilling Inspection;
  • Post-Drilling Site Monitoring;
  • Stripping Inspection;
  • Post-Stripping Site Monitoring;
  • Trench Inspection;
  • Post-Trench Site Monitoring.

Agrement guide for surface owners

To prospect for minerals, a company must hold the right to explore a well-defined area known as a claim. This right gives the claim holder exclusive rights to carry out exploration work. However, the company must have permission from the surface owner to access the claims. In order to carry out work on land it does not own, O3 Mining requires prior written authorization from the lot owner.

Any lot owner has the right to refuse access to his or her property, thereby refusing to sign an access agreement. We will never enter your property without your permission.

You can consult the Guide at the following link:

O3 Mining Agreement Guide 2023-2024

Requests and Reports Resolution Policy

We want to hear from the community

We recognize that some work may raise questions and cause some inconvenience, and so we have created a reporting policy as a tool for our neighbors.

Any concerns or questions will be treated with diligence and will be considered as a contribution from the community with the aim of continuous improvement.
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1. Submitting requests, reports, and concerns

By phone

Online form
See below


2. Assessment of the situation with the appropriate team

3. Feedback within three business days following report

4. O3 Mining Continuous Improvement Process

Make a request for information or a report

Your contribution is important to us and to our commitment to continuous improvement. We are committed to informing you of the follow-up to your request or report within three working days.

To receive a follow-up, please share the contact details to reach you.

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